Welcome to Aagaard Fitness - Tri-Cities, Washington

  • Lose weight


  • Gain muscle & strength


  • Get toned


  • Increase flexibility


  • Boost self confidence


I'm here to help you achieve your goals!  Right now!  Let's get started.


Fitness training improves your overall health and, most importantly, self confidence. As a personal trainer, I am familiar with all different styles of training. No matter what the goal is......muscle gains, weight loss, agility, etc..... I have the programs and expertise to get you there. I practice what I preach and pride myself in being able to bring out 110% in my clients. If you're looking to become more fit, more agile, or just stronger in general, then you've come to the right place.

It is never to late to change YOUR life and I look forward to helping you along this new road to CHANGE.

Why join a club or gym?

You can receive the best personal training in the Tri-Cities at the Aagaard Fitness studio.  You pay for personal training only.  Why pay club or gym fees when all you want is top notch personal training?  Contact Erik.



There is also a room for toddlers/kids