About Aagaard Fitness

My name is Erik Aagaard and I have been a personal trainer since May 2010. I have trained people of all fitness backgrounds and have enjoyed teaching my skill set to my clients.

I graduated the National Personal Training Institute in Orlando, Florida, in 2010. I worked for the Gold’s Gym franchise here in Kennewick for two years. In that time, I met some great people and enhanced my knowledge of the fitness industry even further.

I have now decided to take my career into my own hands and start a business that is professional, caring, and gets clients results. I am here to tell you 100% that you can achieve great things if you have the drive to better your life. You can achieve gains in strength, endurance, and confidence with just basic equipment and a great attitude. We only have one life to live so be all you can be and give 110% in everything you do and remember, it is never too late to change.

I look forward to serving clients in Pasco, Kennewick, Richland, West Richland, Finley, Burbank, and all the surrounding areas of the Mid-Columbia region.  Contact me and let's get started!

Why I Train

The best reason I can give is PASSION. I love being able to teach my clients the ins and outs of perfecting their bodies. The body is a machine and all the parts must be in working order. The best part of being a personal trainer is seeing the life changes my clients make. You do not need a gym in order to become healthy. All it takes is motivation. For example, getting up early and walking for 30 minutes before work or even taking a jog in the evening. Every little bit helps.